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What size Generator to run a Concrete Core Drilling Machine?

We get asked this question regularly so we thought we would share this info to everyone!

So what size generator will I need to use, buy, loan or hire to run my concrete core drilling machine?


Lets have a look at what power (Watts) the core drilling machines require.

Most smaller hand held core drilling machines are usually 1500w and increase from there. The larger model rig mounted core drilling machines may move up around the 3000 to 3600w.

The above is ‘continous power’ required to run the machine and you will also have to consider the power required for ‘starting’ the machine.

These types of equipment also require initial start up power which could be 3 to 4 times the amount of wattage. You will need to refer to the owner manual or compliance tag to check the specifications of the particular drill motor.


In our experience, we would recommend a  6kva Generator to run the hand held machines then around an 8kva to 10kva for the larger machines. This will give you more than enough power to run the machine and may also allow you to run other equipment too. Just remember to check all equipment specs for how much power is required before choosing a generator to run them.