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Husqvarna DM230 Handheld Wet Core Drilling Machine


Husqvarna DM230 Handheld Wet Core Drilling Machine


Maximum Drilling Diameter hand held is 80mm. When used with a stand maximum drilling diameter is 150mm.

3 Speed Handheld Core Drilling Machine. Three-speed water-cooled gearbox for optimal drilling performance and longer service intervals.

When making a starter hole or cutting through reinforcement speed can be reduced by half using SmartStart.

The handle has an integrated water hose, which together with the electric cable run parallel conveniently from the machine.

The Elgard™ feature available on several of our drill motors means that if the motor runs at too high a load for a long period, it will start to pulsate.

If the load is not reduced the motor will shut off, to prevent overheating. Elgard™ significantly increases the machine’s service life.

Voltage 230 / 110V
Amperage 8 /15A
Power 1850W
Phases 1
OutputRPM 800 / 1850 / 3950 rpm
OutputRPMat full load 580 / 1400 / 2900 rpm
Speeds 3
Water coupling G1/4"
Spindle speed full load 580/1400/2900 rpm
Rated output,W 1850/0W
Rated current,A 8/15A
Max drill bit diameter, handheld 80mm
Max drill bit diameter, stand 150mm
Mounting collar 60mm
Spindle thread, outer 11/4" 7UNC
Spindle thread, inner G1/2"or5/8" 11UNC
UNCwater coupling G1/4"
Weight 7kg
Sound pressure 90 dB(A)
Sound level 94 dB(A)
Hand arm vibration (Aeq) 2,5m/s²
Power rating 1100W

Comes with case & manuals.

12 month Australia wide warranty.

Item sent out within 2 working days.


Additional information

Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 65 × 52 × 15 cm


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