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44mm Premium Diamond Core Drill Bit (wet)


44mm Premium Diamond Core Drill Bit


The Diamond Tool Industries Premium core drills are designed for drilling hard reinforced concrete. They are high performance, top quality core barrels.


You will notice how first time drilling is such ease thanks to the convex 5 point segments. Not only this, the scientifically formulated mixture of metal bond and diamond ensures the core drill bit will deliver on cutting speed and performance therefore saving you time and money.



  • 44mm outside diameter
  • Standard 1 ¼”UNC Female Thread – universal for most machines.
  • 410mm Cutting depth
  • Various diameters available in the range
  • Easy start segments
  • 10mm high Segments with specially formulated diamond matrix.
  • Increased life of segments and cutting speeds
  • Can be used on both hand held and rig mounted machines


Designed for hard reinforced concrete and can also be used for drilling through tiles, pavers, granite, rock, precast concrete, core filled blockwork, limestone, bricks etc.


Water must be used for these concrete core drill bits to ensure a smooth, clean, trouble free cut and to ensure maximum life of the bit. Do not use dry.


Our core bits have been trialled and tested and are excellent quality.


We have sizes from 8mm diameter to 400mm diameter.

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 52 × 6 × 6 cm


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