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Fastening your concrete core drill rig

How to securely fasten your concrete core drill rig to a concrete slab or wall? The first thing that comes into mind is to use some sort of bolt down

It is very important to ensure you have read and understand the operating procedure / manual of your core drilling machine. In this it should tell you the correct procedure for fastening down your machine.

Most contractors will use an anchor system. This is a quick and convenient way to securely fasten the concrete core drill rig before drilling.

This system uses drop in anchors – they are generally M12 size and require a 15-16mm hole drilled into the concrete to secure them. (Different machines / manufacturers / laws may require larger anchors) They permanently stay embedded into the concrete and require patching over the top to hide them once the drilling process is complete.

These drop in anchors are set into the concrete anywhere between 2mm and 5mm below the surface. Once in place a Setting Tool / pin is used to expand the anchor into the concrete so it is locked in tight.

Once that is set, a quick threaded anchor tool is screwed into the anchor tightly then the core drill rig is placed over the threaded rod and securely fastened down using the over sized washer and nut. This is then tightened securely to ensure there is no movement in the drill rig. Some drilling rigs will have adjusting bolts on the base plate and these can be adjusted to take out any rocking or movement within the rig.

If the drilling rig is not securely fastened you may be at risk of serious injury. It is critical to re check fastening prior to drilling and sometimes during the drilling process.

Another anchoring system available is to use a vacuum plate and vacuum pump to secure the rig to the concrete. We will explore this option further in a future blog.