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Core Drilling Water Supply

What core drilling water supply options are available?

There must be times when we all come across a problem of “Damn the hose isn’t long enough” or “I can’t be bothered getting the hose out for 1 single hole”

Depending what and where you are there is another option for water while drilling.

Using a pressure bottle might be a solution. There are different kinds on the market and the one I am talking about holds 8L of water.

The pressure bottle is filled with water then attached to the water hose on the core drilling machine using our unique fitting. Initially, 15 pumps of the handle is required to gain pressure. Ensure the tap valve is in the off position and then turned on once ready to drill.

These pressure bottles will provide adequate water while core drilling to ensure the drilling process can still be achieved to its optimum performance (see other blog about how much water to use while core drilling).

The amount of holes you will get done before the bottle requires refilling will depend on the size, depth, grade etc. Multiple bottles can be used to have maximum storage of water to ensure work is still performed quickly without much interruption.

This application can be very useful when:

Only a couple of holes is required to be core drilled on site,

Hose length is not long enough for position of where holes need to be drilled,

No water is accessible via a tap,

This is just a few options which may require the use of a pressure bottle.

Battery powered pressure bottles are available too. These come in a range of sizes and are also very effective for maintaining water for an efficient core drilling water supply.