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Concrete Core Drill Guide Block user info

What does a concrete core drill guide block do? How does it work?


To sum it up in just 2 words – Safety, Accuracy.


The core drill block is designed to provide a safer drilling process and higher degree of accuracy when core drilling with a hand held operated machine.



Generally, most people use a template made from a piece of ply wood or similar, with the required hole size cut out and place that on the floor or wall and use that as a guide to start drilling.


This can be unsafe, not very user friendly for the first time user and a hassle for wall drilling (either someone holds the template in place which is not safe or it must be secured to the wall meaning extra holes)


So a New Zealand team came up with this new innovative concept and I must admit, it works great. Quick and Easy set up for safe and accurate drilling – a win win for everyone. The block is manufactured from a hard composite to last over and over again.


So here is how simple it works.


For a 76mm diameter core drill bit you choose a 76mm core drill guide block. (They are designed to fit precisely inside your core barrel – you don’t need to work out the inside diameter, it is done for you)


  1. Mark out where you require the hole to be drilled.
  2. Drill a 16mm hole with a masonry rotary hammer drill 55mm deep
  3. Insert the M12 Drop in Anchor and tap down until it is just below surface and use a punch to spread the anchor to secure it into the concrete
  4. Place the core drill guide block over the anchor and secure down using a 90mm M12 Bolt and tighten.
  5. Grab your machine and place core drill barrel over the guide block and start drilling.
  6. Once you have drilled approx. 40mm deep you can remove the guide block if you wish.
  7. The drop in anchor and bolt also aid in the removal of the core once drilled to the required depth.


There you have it! Such a simple process for added safety and accuracy.